Sunday, February 12, 2012

What Are We Doing Blogging......

Welcome Welcome Welcome.....This Theresa (Amish Wannabe) and Jenneth (Country Stockpiler). Have you ever wished someone would do all the work and just say "Hey" this works, or this doesn't work. That's why we have started this blog.  The number one thing we asked ourselves is " What can we offer that isn't already out there?" We are planning on reviewing books, items on pinterest-things that work and things that don't, and let you know how to live a little cheaper, easier and more creative life. Chances are we won't be coming up with anything new, just sharing our perspective on how things work here in good ole Mid Missouri.  

Our vision for this blog is to share our desire to live a simple, frugal, stress free lifestyle. We know by our lifestyle and those around us how hectic life has become. We are going to share tips, tricks , ideas that ease the pace of the non stop world we live in.  We are avid Go Green fanatics. We strive to find ways to make our own household cleaners, preparing and eating foods that do not add additives, chemicals, and preservatives into our bodies. Reuse, Recycle, Restore before we throw out and sharing our faith about what a great life we all get to live.

Amish Wannabe
 This is Theresa. I'm so happy Jenneth and I decided to start our blog. We have been coworkers for many years and it seems we have so much in common and the desire to live a more peaceful lifestyle. I've been married to my husband for 22 years and we have an 18 year old son and 15 year old boy/girl twins. Our lives are bustling with activity. My desire is to share my tips on providing your family with healthy food choices amidst the chaos, living a more simple , peaceful life, and everything in between. I am currently fascinated with the Amish lifestyle. No one can deny that the Amish have a simple, slower pace lifestyle than the rest of us.We are lucky enough to have an Amish community close by and Jenneth and I go and visit them ever four weeks. We'll be sharing with you why we go there so often and what we gain by going to the Amish community. If you are  seeking this slower paced lifestyle there are two books that I highly recommend: Amish Values and Amish Peace.  Suzanne Woods Fisher is author of these books. I just find they are great reads no matter how many times you read them. Welcome to our blog, we hope you enjoy it.

Country Stockpiler
 This is Jenneth. I am excited to share ideas that we are working on to make our lives more manageable, organized and simpler.   I am married to a wonderful man and have a 14 yr. old son and a 26 yr. old step-son. I am hoping to simplify my life on many different levels-spiritual, physical, mental, and financial.  I have always liked to find bargains and deals.  I'm new at couponing so we can learn together. As I learn I hope to share some ideas and thoughts on what is working for me and my adventures into the couponing and bargain shopping world. In addition to building up my stockpile of bargains, I'm eagerly learning ways to organize those finds.  I will share with you  great ways to simplify your life to create more time to spend with those you love.  

Welcome to our blog. As we begin this adventure we want you all to feel at home here. Leave us a comment or two. Share with us your experience and knowledge.

Yet many have the same spirit of faith as he had who wrote, I have believed , and therefore have I spoken. We too believe, and therefore we speak.

Corinthians 4:13

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  1. Hi Jenneth and Theresa! Just saw your post on FB and I had to pop by to welcome you on board! Thanks for the shout out for my books--and blessings to you as you start this new venture. Keep me posted! Warmly, Suzanne