Monday, March 26, 2012

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Orange Vinegar

My first project was to spice up my cleaning solution. Angela suggests infusing the white vinegar with orange peels to make it smell better but also to harness the cleaning properties that citrus fruit oils contain. We already had oranges on hand (as we have started juicing them each morning) so all I had to do was collect the peels and soak them for a few weeks...super easy!!

I just used my first batch of orange infused smelled pretty good.....I used in in my own dusting rag (next review) it gets a

Pinterest review

DIY Dust Cloths

White distilled vinegar
Olive Oil
Airtight glass container


1. Mix equal parts water and vinegar. Add a couple drops of olive oil.
2. Soak rags in the solution until fully saturated. I used old dishcloths that I cut into fourths with pinking shears.
3. Wring out the rags leaving them just damp.
4. Lay the rags, and place a couple lemon rinds on each cloth.
5. Roll or fold the rinds into each cloth, and place into your glass container. Add an extra lemon peel, and make sure lid is tight. Store until needed.
Additional notes: Once used, wash or boil the dust cloths and repeat the steps above for a new batch!

I've done this twice now.....I've taken pics to show how well this works.....

This is my computer table....and yes it was disgustingly dirty......look at this next pic....

As you can worked great....really so happy with this recipe for making my own dusting solution.....I use it all the time now.....great big

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