Thursday, March 15, 2012

Adventures in Couponing

This week there are some great sales around the Mid-Missouri area (where I live).  At Schnucks, they have Fritos/Cheetos 3/$5 but there is a coupon in the P/G circular for $1.50 off any 3 bags of the same so you can get them for 3/$3.50 which is a great deal!!  $1.17 a bag is a good way to stock up especially for any St. Patty's Day parties you might be going to. 

Also, at Gerbes with the store card, they are having a buy 10 of the selected items, you get $5 back so that is like a 50 cent coupon on everything and then you can stack a manufactures coupon on as well for even better savings.  They also have Powerades on sale for 59 cents each!!  We go through alot of Powerades during the sports season( track now), so I will be stocking up!! Their milk is also reduced to $2.89/2.99 depending on the fat percent.  This is the cheapest I have seen it.  Just use the store card for the deal. 

Hy-Vee has their yellow corn and green beans on sale for 39 cents and there is NO limit in the ad or on the shelf.  This is a great deal too.  Last time they had this sale, there was a limit of 4 cans, so we are very excited that there is no limit this time.   I put corn in most of our casseroles and soups since I don't like it by itself unless it is on the cob!  This is a good way for me to eat my corn and get it into our meals.  You can also get the no salt variety and the french cut variety.  Since I used 4 cans of green beans each time I make green bean casserole (it's not just for the holiday season), we go through alot of them.  Last time it was on sale, there was a 4 can limit, so no limit this time is GREAT!!!!!  Stock up now!

Hope this helps with the family shopping and budgeting!!  Keep on the look out for great deals near you!!

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